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– Post-doc at Euler International Mathematical Institute, Saint-Petersburg (2021).



S. L. and J. Stasheff, L∞-algebra extensions of Leibniz algebras. arXiv:2003.07838

S. L. and J. Palmkvist, Infinity-enhancing of Leibniz algebras, Lett. Math. Phys. (2020) 110(11):3121-3152. arXiv:1907.05752

C. Laurent-Gengoux, S. L. and T. Strobl, The universal Lie ∞-algebroid of a singular foliation. arXiv:1806.00475

S. L., Tensor hierarchies and Leibniz algebras, J. Geom. Phys. (2019) 144:147-189. arXiv:1708.07068

S. L., A short guide through integration theorems of generalized distributions, Differ. Geom. Appl. (2018) 61:42-58. arXiv:1710.01627

S. L., H. Samtleben and T. Strobl, Hidden Q-structure and Lie 3-algebra for non-abelian superconformal models in six dimensions, J. Geom. Phys. (2014) 86:497-533. arXiv:1403.7114



Event manager of the Pint of Science festival in Paris (2019, May 20-22), in charge of the sessions dedicated to theoretical physics, quantum physics and astrophysics.

Editor-in-chief of the mathematics section of the journal Emergent Scientist, whose aim is to provide an academic journal at undergraduate level.

Co-organizer of the weakly learning seminar on Deformation theory (oct-dec 2018, Max Planck Institute, Bonn)

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